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Study Shamanism at a Unique School

What Makes Shamanism 101
a Unique School at Which to Study Shamanism

All around the world people like you and I have started to study shamanism. I believe there is are unaccountably powerful forces at work here, perhaps comparable to the gravity of planets in orbit around the sun. It is my sense that as individuals and as a species we feel a deep, planetary draw to reconnect with our Earth and with each other. Born of the soil and originally connected to the tribe, we have disavowed our earliest connections with all of our forebrain chatter and became lost.

Yet the basic nature of our species remains unchanged. Hence the tug. It is a primal yearning to come home.
You have by now probably heard how shamanism catalyzes our personal growth and development. It is similar to bringing a young seedling back from the dark and into the sunlight. We thrive. In the most natural of ways, shamanic healing training opens us up to our real capacity for personal unfolding.

Shamanic practices provide us a fresh opportunity to regain the fullness of our true self while bringing us back home to our earliest connection to land and kin. We think of it as our original spirituality because it is in our DNA. 

What makes Shamanism 101 a unique school for studying shamanic healing is that our program is built on this. Naturally, many turn to study this because they instinctively know themselves to be healers. Or, perhaps from some fortunate experience or lesson, we come to recognize the importance of learning our ancient and Earth-born shamanic healing techniques in particular. Whatever the particular conditions that stimulated our search for shamanism, the basic underlying tug is the same. We are being drawn back home to the Earth, each other, and to ourselves.

Some people ask if by taking shamanic training, they are going to become a shaman. Perhaps. Although we use the term 'shaman', we generally prefer the term ‘shamanic practitioner’ because of all the misguided and unfortunate associations over history that have gathered around such terms. Whether you end up becoming a shaman or whether you decide you are a shamanic practitioner is a decision entirely up to you. We point the way back to the teachings and offer the guidance as you go along, but it is up to you to get on the path, wear the shoes, and do the walking.

We have gathered the material you need in order to learn shamanism. We have walked the walk and will point out the way and then follow your progress. You will be looking at regular shamanic practices (which we grin and call 'homework'), multitudes of your own personal experiences, and engage in writing back and forth with us about what you are discovering. Our role is that of a mentor: to walk alongside of you to assure that you fully grasp the development for which you have aimed.

So, what makes this school unique? One thing is our ability to certify the comprehensiveness of your shamanic training. We can truly do this because we have a clear and standardized curriculum, and because we have walked the whole way alongside of you. We can and do attest to your areas of study and what you have grasped. We have kept track of your progress through your many required submissions, and can thus verify that you not only received, but that you incorporated the proper training. Almost more importantly, because of your close alignment with your mentor, you have demonstrated not just an ability in shamanic healing, but you have shown us the integrity and ethical soundness of your personal character.

These are the sorts of things that make us unique in the world of shamanic education. And, since your personal mentor is ‘signing off’ on your certification, we all get very stubborn when it comes to your proper shamanic training. Because we work so closely with you and because we know this is a comprehensive, solid and grounded curriculum, we are in the position to completely and honestly certify you when you have done the work.

When you take the entire Shamanism 101 course series, you will be facing 36 units. The full program takes anywhere from a year almost two years to complete, if one is fully integrating the work as they move along. Many people, however, choose to take the first course (The Path) as a 'stand-alone' simply because it is so focused on personal growth. Yet whether you come for the growth work of The Path, or are sure you want to go the distance and become fully certified as a shamanic practitioner, Shamanism 101 is unique because of the close personal mentoring you receive no matter what your goal.

In either case, not only must you learn a great deal about yourself or about shamanic practice, we are unique in that we recognize that it is who you must become along the way that turns out to be the deeper task. This is something that starts right off the bat in the first level of training because you are not just 'learning' something. Becoming a practitioner is not something one can simply achieve by going to a class for a weekend or by procuring a video. We take shamanic mentorship seriously. If you compare it to going to the gym, it would be like having a personal trainer. In other words, there is no haphazard effort of simply showing up and getting by.

Perhaps one of the biggest things (to us) that makes us unique, is our sustained commitment to the personhood and ethics of the practitioner. Despite how you may have heard of shamanism, or even studied it in the past, shamanism is not about learning techniques. Yes, techniques are a part of it, but a person full of techniques is not what makes a shaman. The shaman is the trusted, ethically clear, comprehensively educated and thoroughly practiced person who has fully stepped up to meet their community's needs. We differ widely in this area from others because we hold that the individual character of a shamanic practitioner is at least equal to any other aspect of their shamanic training.

Absolutely anyone is inherently as capable of shamanic practice as anybody else, even though there are multitudes of situational variables that predispose some to initially take to it more easily than others. Nevertheless, shamanic practice has nothing to do with race, skin color, teacher, culture, geography or lineage. To the contrary: it is a natural ability that is simply written in our genetics. Moreover, the ancients would add that it is the spirits who actually have the final say in this, for although they are willing to work with someone who puts forth the effort, demonstrates their ethical character and maintain passionate purpose, they will not give the time of day to those who do not. 

Let's knock down one of the old fallacies: shamanism is not some narrowly held esoteric wisdom. Shamanism is your birthright and rightfully belongs to you. It has not been as easily accessible in the past as the world has deserved, partly because of teachers who overprice their education, and partly because people used to have to travel in order to receive this. Happily, those over-charging sources no longer have a shamanic 'educational monopoly'. Our ability to bring you complete shamanism online has leveled the accessibility and availability of this kind of learning. Online studies have even proven their effectiveness even beyond the capability of group classes.

We have become connected through online global education in a way the world had never known. However, the most surprising turn of events has been that internet-based study enabled shamanism to return to the historically recognized sustained and personal oversight of a mentor. Now, communication, understanding and guidance can be found just as easily - if not more easily - over the internet than it could ever be in what eroded into classrooms where any personal attention was automatically in competition with multiple students who felt the same way.

The more innocent '60s left behind itself a huge carbon footprint and we are now understandably less willing to fly or drive distances for courses of any kind, especially something as Earth-friendly as shamanism! Furthermore, unless you are part of that narrow economically-advantaged percentage of the population, the 99 percent of us must manage our personal expenses with care. The sad consequence of numerous economic and social forces of the time was that shamanic studies (in the US at least) reached not much farther than the white, educated, upper middle class with enough 'discretionary income' who could take time off work, fly, find a bed and breakfast, hotel or rent a room at the class site itself, and rent a car to not only go to class, but get in some nearby sightseeing. Ouch. It makes one cringe to even think about it. Happily, both our Earth's ecology and our more challenging economy have helped nudge Shamanism 101, at least, into rethinking how things had been done, and make some corrections.

There is no new age fluffy-stuff here, nor do we even have the remotest claim to a special spiritual authority, or that we own some superior mysterious wisdom that was only passed down through a single culture, person, people or lineage. These are the old and somewhat tired ways that people in the past have tried to indicate that they were (or had access to) something special that only they could provide. The only thing we have to say about ourselves is that we have worked extremely hard to gather and present a truly comprehensive education. 

None is our work even remotely about any of us personally, except that we have a taken these practices and this study completely to heart and in so doing, have generated a great deal of interest and enthusiasm about what we have done. But when it comes to shamanism, we are simply very hard workers with reasonably functioning brains, who have a strong passion for shamanic ethics, ability, and a healing practice that brings us back to wholeness and interbeing with the Earth.

There is something else that makes Shamanism 101 unique. Curiously, we have slipped so far away from the idea of individual shamanic mentorship that people are surprised to hear that individual shamanic training was historically its most important aspect. Through overpopulation, tumultuous economies and lifestyles that shifted from farming to manufacturing to technology, the once relatively stable, connected communities have been dying out throughout the world. The consequence is that this also led to the loss of time-honored one-on-one, sustained practice of shamanic training. Recently, amidst the excitement of bringing back shamanism, the seeming inability to regain that important teaching relationship was simply accepted as an unfortunate, sad but unavoidable turn of history. Then it was forgotten.

We have not forgotten. In fact, we have committed ourselves to seeing that individual mentorship in shamanic education thrives again.

Welcome to Shamanism 101, and to the not-so-little things that make us unique. We are here to help you reconnect with our spiritual Earth, regather your true, full self, mentor you individually over time in a close relationship, and bring you what we believe is the finest ethical and comprehensive shamanic education that is available today.

"By rediscovering the natural spirituality of our ancient past
before we became splintered from the natural world;
by remembering our intimate connection with the natural world
with which we are inextricably connected;
and by learning to listen and speak to the spiritual voices
for which the human ear is naturally attuned
and that have been begging for us to listen for thousands of years,
we have the means to assist ourselves and each other
to return to wellness." 

Steve Serr