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Shamanic Spirits, Shamanic Worlds

Brief Overview:
Shamanic Spirits, Shamanic Worlds

The shamanic upper and lower worlds of non-ordinary reality are completely safe places. They are filled with compassionate spirit helpers who long to help in the healing that is needed on our Earth. The shaman travels by means of the shamanic journey to the upper world or lower world. There, they are instructed, empowered, helped, directed, taught and guided.

One might experience just about anything while in the upper or lower worlds, but no matter what one encounters, it is best to let the journey continue to unfold because these worlds are only filled with compassionate and wise spirits, and everything else is simply 'scenery'. Whatever you encounter there will somehow turn out to be something you need to know or experience.

The upper world is primarily populated by spirit teachers while the lower world is primarily populated by what many now refer to as power animals, which are spirit helpers in animal form.

Overall, it is a curious situation, for without the help of the shaman, spirit helpers are unable to reach and assist our ordinary reality middle world. Without the shaman, they are held back behind barriers. The shaman is the one who trains to cross these barriers.