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Soul Song

The Shamanic Soul Song

What is a shamanic soul song? How do we sing our soul song? Our soul song, or the practice of soul singing has unfortunately been relegated to the periphery of shamanic studies, when it actually should be directly in front and center. Historically, the public's access to soul singing been one of shamanism's many unnecessary 'withholds', for it belongs to everyone. When we learn to unleash our soul song, many layers of gifts come as a consequence.

Pure and simple, the soul song is simply the essence of oneself allowed out into the world. Reaching into the core of one's being and giving permission for one's true self to spring forward vocally catalyzes a tremendous burst of healing and empowerment. Why would this be?

The true self has often been withheld and kept hidden, or worse, not allowed by others to be expressed in the world. The blatant or hidden power of social expectancies, local and regional cultural restrictions, family, community and relationship unwritten 'rules of behavior' regularly suppress the expression of our full voices. The secondary effect of all of these silencing forces is how we unfortunately, learn to silence ourselves.

Singing one's soul song allows our deepest, true voice to be heard, not so much by the community, but by ourselves! When we finally hear our full and deepest voice, we find a kind of compass that points back to our real personhood. Knowing the way 'home' to ourselves encourages and emboldens ourselves be more of our truer self as we continue to find our way.

I say so often that shamanism is really about gathering together our true self and reconnecting with the Whole. In soul singing, it is not that our true self has been lost, but that he or she has been neglected.

In the following, one practitioner talks about his song, and how it burst forth:

Practitioner: "In singing my soul song, I have done this before not knowing this was an intentional practice. I have in the past while being in SSC (shamanic state of consciousness) had this well up inside of me to the point I had to let it out. It usually begins with dance which also wells up inside me and begs to be let out. I have been paying particularly close attention to this, and how beautiful it is!

My song typically lasts only a couple of minutes, but these are a very powerful couple of minutes. Within seconds of beginning I sense the spirits flock in to listen. I truly believe they like it. They form a perfect circle around me and they become very relaxed and are filled with comfort. From every degree on the compass they send their comfort to me in a circular, fluid pattern and I am washed in the purity of spirit, and this is nothing short of orgasm. And I am left feeling very much one with them."

Steve's response:  What a wonderful description of the entire process! Yes, when the soul song wells up like that it is simply the vocal dance of our true self, for this self loves to live and express itself. Cared for yet neglected: upon opening your hands, the wings flutter and it dances into the air. This is how your soul longs to live!

And the spirits are now gathering because they wonder: “who is this human who is able to do this thing?” They are gathering because they are interested in you. They see you as promising. This is the consequence of all the work you have been doing up to this point.

. . . . .

The soul song is our True Self, bursting forth. Our True Self longs to express itself in the world. Don't you wish you could be yourself fully, and not have to disguise yourself in order to get along in the world? Of course. Every soul yearns for this.

Soul singing really is not a foreign topic at all, in fact, it is completely up close and personal. The world's attempts to dampen or exclude our true voice is nothing new: human groups from couples to nation states have engaged in such attempts to restrict our true expression for as long as we have known. Rediscovering and having the permission to allow this true personhood out can begin with the voice. This is why learning to let ourselves sing our soul song is so freeing and so heartening. Remember, shamanism is all about reconnecting with the whole, especially the whole of oneself.

Welcoming our full, true self forward into the world, and connecting again with this world from which we were never truly disconnected, is why shamanism is here.