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Shamanism Upper World

Shamanism and the Upper World

The upper world in non-ordinary reality is place primarily of shamanic spirit teachers, although animal spirits (power animals) may be there as well. It may looks like a natural world as found in the shamanism lower world or in the shamanism middle world of ordinary reality, though it is also found looking very different, such as cloudlike.

Spirit teachers are here for innumerable reasons, from helping the shaman in a divination, to actually doing a healing for someone. Another primary role is to provide the shaman with an education. After all, the shaman is a part of their 'team' and they have a good deal of interest in making sure the practitioners who is going to work with them, is well prepared! It is to these spirit teachers that practitioners eventually go for their higher education, after they get started learning the basics from people like myself.

Spirit teachers can appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Big or small, young or incredibly ancient, animal-like, human-like, god-like, you-name-it-like, they will show up in a style that they believe you are best able to handle. What spirit helpers have in common, is wisdom. Its all about your growth, you know.

When you go out searching for your spirit teachers, you have a much better opportunity to find them in the shamanic upper world than the lower, as their ‘population’ is denser there.

If you are interested in learning about shamanic spirit teachers, or developing yourself as a shamanic practitioner, I encourage you to look seriously at the basic
shamanism class Level 1. It is an excellent path to a very well grounded and rich education that can serve you both personally, and as a practitioner who works with, and studies from spirit teachers. I also invite you to explore the wealth of shamanism by investigating the information provided about shamanic reality and the shamanic world view.