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Shamanism Lower World

The Shamanic Lower World:
Power Animals and Nature

The shamanic lower world is a place that is primarily is populated with animals, and usually filled out in some kind of natural geography. The animals you find the shamanic lower world may appear as recognizable planetary animals (birds, fish, and all manner of creatures), although just as likely they could turn out to be mythological, legendary, and completely unencumbered by any biologically familiar Earthly forms! You might find yourself in a desert, on a mountain, at one of the poles, or on an island somewhere. However, and wherever you find it, more than likely the terrain that you discover is typically very natural and very familiar Earth-wise.

There is typically a kind of portal that one goes through in order to reach either the upper or lower worlds, so there is a kind of sense of 'popping out' into, for instance, the lower world when getting there. My colleagues and I have experienced entering into the lower world in the midst of an African-like jungle, a Sahara-like desert, or even on an ice flow such as might be found on the northernmost reach of Alaska. The normal rules of physics don't seem to apply, so it would not be uncommon to pop out in the sky as if on the ceiling of an entire natural world beneath you, or find yourself coming up under the water, or out of a cave. As wide and varied are the natural environments of our Earth, as wide or wider are the natural environments you might discover in the lower world.

The lower world always appears to me to be a quieter place than the din and hustle-bustle of cities and civilizations. In this way, it seems to reflect the general sounds and ambience of the natural world. It is rare that I see any signs of human-like habitation, although this does show up as well in people's journeys. It is more the case however, that if you would show up in a wild, pretty non-human, natural world

The lower world is the home of spirit helpers in animal form so when you go to connect with them, it is to the lower world that you generally head. this does not mean you will not find animal spirits in the upper, or even the middle world of non-ordinary reality, but they seem to primarily frequent the lower world.

While in the lower world with your spirit helpers in animal form, they can - and will - introduce you all sorts of things about life, although it seems they are particularly good at helping you learn about yourself. After all, one or a number of these may turn out to be one of your 'power animals', which can be understood as an important part of yourself. Power animals frequently contain a piece of ourselves, our basic, original, full powerful self. This is one of the reasons why we seek for them. They help return us to ourselves. 

Power animals might explain and teach you something about healing that you ought to know. Often, they are used to send healing at a distance to someone far away. Or, they convey us around by letting us climb on their back, or help us hunt for things in non-ordinary reality as they might have a much keener ability to search. They are part of the shaman's 'team', and a nearly indispensable element in much of what a shaman must do.

Although heading to the lower world is not exactly the same as diving into the surface of planet Earth like a mole, the paths there are often similar to how one might expect going 'lower' into the Earth, such as through deep caves or staircases that unexplainably head far beneath the surface. But then again, what are such matters to a shaman! A shaman can slide down the interior of roots, or slip beneath the grains of the Earth like water through sand. Remember, the rules of physics do not apply!

Importantly, just to get any misconceptions out of the way, the shamanic lower world is absolutely not associated with anything dark, 'bad' or evil. Those ideas belong to completely different religious belief systems and spiritual geography. 

I like to think of going to the lower world, as heading out into nature!