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A Path: Shamanism for Self-Healing

Shamanism for Self-Healing

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Dear Shamanic Practitioner Student,

Re-gathering personal wholeness is the first step in shamanic practice. The goal of
Shamanism for Self-Healing, Shaman College's first level of shamanic training, is to learn about, experience and gather our own True Self. It is only after such self-work that a practitioner is prepared to begin working with others.

Listening to the wisdom of the physicians’ dictum, “Healer, heal thyself,” Steve Serr and Shaman College have consciously stepped ahead of much contemporary shamanic training by ensuring that the growing shamanic practitioner first goes through their own shamanic self-healing. Of course, just as in any other at Shaman College, there will be rituals and techniques that introduce you to what you will need to know when and if you do ever decide to work with others.

However, the main focus of the first level is to engage the you in your own self-healing journey by placing before you the personal challenges that would prepare you for the delicate and rigorous work of becoming someone who works with others. It is only through first-hand experience that the shamanic practitioner can provide guidance for others.

This is not a course for the fearful. This kind of self-healing journey demands an unusually well balanced and psychologically grounded beginning student. If you are not ready to embark on your own healing journey, how can you justify setting yourself up to heal others! Shamanic practice is not for everyone, and certainly not for the faint hearted. If you have a strong and resilient character, then you are most likely able to be successful as a shamanic practitioner. If you start out strong and then successfully meet the challenges of this first level of training, you will then be prepared to go forward.  

Shamanism for Self-Healing is a prerequisite to advanced levels at Shaman College (though we would add: as what should be the prerequisite to any shamanic training anywhere!), even for those who already have shamanic training. Shamanism is far more than simply learning about something or gathering a few good techniques. Yes, you will be mastering techniques, practices and ritual, but these are just part of what a shaman does. Shamanism must be seated in your bones and heart. We prefer to do meaningful shamanic training the ‘old way’, that is, shamanism as a spiritual practice.

In this first level of training, you will gather a complete personal shamanic practice and a broad perspective on what shamanism actually is by learning about, meeting, and starting to return to your empowered, complete, true self. Although this is a lot, most students move through this course in three to six months. During this time, you will explore your personal draw to shamanism as they begin a process of self-cleansing, learn to receive lessons from the natural world, and start to grasp the huge paradigm shift between the ordinary world’s understanding of reality and that of the shaman. You will be guided to realize your part within the multitude of cycles of life, understand the importance of ego-detafor help from the spirit world, and learn the comprehensive and detailed protocols that allow you to access both the upper and lower worlds that you have come to discover.

As a student in this first level of shamanic practitioner courses, you will be shown how to realize your part within the multitude of cycles of life, just as you come to recognize the importance of detachment from your personal ego as you make room for the larger wisdom and power that you access through your spirit helpers. In this course, you will be shown the ancient, comprehensive and carefully detailed practices that allow you to safely and readily access both the upper and lower worlds.

Students explore the lower world and find animal spirit helpers that return the student’s latent but unrealized power. Similarly, the upper world is explored and spirit teachers are found who serve as huge catalysts to growth and personal direction, as well as learning to dance with trees and engaging in ‘feather dusting’. These are not only personal wellness strategies, but also tools that you eventually – after ‘healing thyself’ – will be able to use to help others also heal. Finally, you will learn a shamanic divination practice that begins to bring together different modalities of shamanic consciousness. 

What is Shamanism for Self-Healing about? It is about you. If nothing else, shamanism is the oldest known strategy for personal evolution and growth. The practitioner always starts with her or himself. Write us if you have questions and we are looking forward to reply, or simply enroll if you recognize this is what you have been seeking. You will not be disappointed. What we teach you has also been our path: we ‘practice what we preach.’ We are good at answering questions because any question you have is probably is one that we have also had at one point or another. ‘Shamanism works.’ Really, that’s the bottom line. You have the interest now because something in you hears something that speaks to you. Now, we are here to help.

As you progress through this foundation course, you are essentially on the path back to your 'true self’. All of this is preparation for working with others, should you decide to do this. Although many students take this course to eventually be able to offer shamanic healing to others, a significant portion of our student body never had this kind of interest in learning to work with others, but rather, have come because they have learned of its unusual success at helping them heal from the false sense of self and various disempowerments of modern life. The way you choose to use our course (for yourself and/or for others) is completely up you and we support whatever path you choose. Either way, the work starts with you.

The first level of training is titled ‘Shamanism for Self-Healing,’ because the training of a shamanic practitioner invariably leads a student to search for, regather, and empower the self during the natural course of their practitioner development. Working with others must rest on a strong foundation of personal balance, awareness, compassion and empowerment. The progressive order of our shamanic training helps build your strong foundation, so by the time you start working with others and exploring the middle world work, you are unquestionably prepared.

The course will definitely require a commitment of time and focus, as classes require readings, practice sessions, and homework. It is most effective when you stay at a steady pace and turn your assignments in between one and two weeks, to keep the momentum of growth building from one unit to the next.

Visit Shaman College to take the first step in becoming a shamanic practitioner. We are not shy about saying that this is a fantastic path. Shaman College teachers are all dedicated and strong practitioners themselves. This is not surprising, as this path would not have remained among us over the many thousands of years and across the globe if it did not ‘take us there’ ourselves. If you give yourself wholly to the training, taking this course will be something that you will look back on with fondness and awe. You will receive the education and training to become the shamanic practitioner you are looking for. To begin, you must walk this path yourself. It is time to re-empower yourself. Take the challenge to re-gather and meet your own empowered, whole self and step more fully into who you truly are.

Certification: Upon completion of this Course, a certificate will be E-mailed to you. Visit Shaman College and look at the shamanic training available. Here is where you can also find Steve and his
Shamanism for Self-Healing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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