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Welcome to Shamanism-101's open resource for information about shamanism and where you can find information about Shaman College and learn about Steve Serr's basic course, Shamanism for Self-Healing. Explore the articles among the links to your left, where anyone can come to begin to learn shamanism, and find out more about shamanic healing.

For years, Steve Serr and Shamanism 101 offered outstanding education and training in shamanism and shamanic healing by developing a comprehensive, individually mentored program leading to shamanic practitioner certification. This program has continued to grow!

We are pleased to announce that Steve's Shamanism 101 program is now integrated into the core of shamanic practitioner training at Shaman College. Please visit Steve's basic course, the pivotal Shamanism for Self-Healing and the breadth of shamanic teachers and trainings in shamanism at the school dedicated to shamanism and the various shamanic arts and practicers at Shaman College by following this link.

Everyone deserves a solid basis on which to decide how they will discern the shamanic education that is your birthright. There is so much confusion and misinformation in the world about shamanic healing...

For the sake of our future and our Earth, we need to remember what shamanism really is, and what it is not, and fearlessly and stubbornly pursue it.

This site and Shaman College (link) are devoted to clarifying the confusion and many misunderstandings surrounding shamanism today.

"By rediscovering the natural spirituality of our ancient past before we became splintered from the natural world; by remembering our intimate connection with the natural world with which we are inextricably connected; and by learning to listen and speak to the spiritual voices for which the human ear is naturally attuned and that have been begging for us to listen for thousands of years, we have the means to assist ourselves and each other to return to wellness."

Steve Serr


Welcome to Shamanism 101

So, what is shamanism? Even with the array of short articles you find here, we will only be breaking the surface of this question. Perhaps at this point, all that needs to be said is that shamanism is a profound gathering of a consistent core of natural, spiritual and Earthy, human wellness practices discovered and passed forward by innumerable people throughout the planet and across time.

It is a healing art.

Our original goal was to create a shamanic training program that could provide anyone with the best foundation possible, one that could serve in a professional shamanic healing practice. However, while some people came to study shamanism to become professional healers, others simply wanted to be able to assist themselves and their friends. However, running through nearly all of shamanic healing is something that reaches far deeper than simply training to become a practitioner: shamanism is a profound and lifelong path of personal growth and psychological healing.

To bring this to the world's attention became our inspiration.

One simply cannot help but notice the psychological basis that is part of the life-blood of nearly every shamanic practice. Shamanism 101 took the lead by radically pivoting away from what had little more than a mudded, vague explanation that it was spiritual healing, by recognizing the fundamental importance of the psychological dimension, which had typically been either unacknowledged or minimized. By bringing a psychological perspective to our understanding of shamanic healing, shamanism suddenly made perfect sense.

Steve Serr, formerly trained as a psychologist, found himself unavoidably captivated by shamanism's psychological healing power. This awareness, further study, and his experiences over the yers following while teaching his own students became
 the pivotal course, Shamanism for Self-Healing, that today takes new shamanic students through their own self-discovery and empowerment as they grasp the basic understandings and skills of shamanic practice.

With respect to the human ability to tap into visionary experiences, it is simple and clear: shamanic practice 'works'. We should be seeking out how the wisdom brought forward from the past can enrich the unprecedented gathering of information and developments that are available to us today. Shamanism has always grown and adapted to meet the needs of an era. Just look at Steve's work as well as the development of Shaman College! We are the product of an online world: a context completely unknown to the ancients. No longer do we live in a tribal village where we can just hike down the trail to meet with the local shaman. And, even if we could, would we not want to learn even more?

Instead of having to rely only on whomever happened to be physically near to us, we can now study and learn shamanism in a way that never before has been available to any practitioner, anywhere, at any time previously in history or prehistory. Your being here, visiting with us now, reflects exactly this. The world's vast library of information about shamanic practices across the globe, and the ability to train in shamanism with teachers thousands of miles away, was a resource that was once unimaginable. Far from having lost anything, the contemporary world has access to information and education in shamanism that our ancestors simply did not have.

Shamanism 101 and Shaman College are nothing remarkably new when it comes to the development of shamanism. The shaman has forever gathered the wisdom that had been passed down and put this together with the knowledge - and the needs - of their present time. It is through a combination of accrued wisdom and one’s own work of discovery and development that the shaman becomes a source of wisdom and healing for their community. Not by receive or passing on something immobilized into doctrine.

The shaman develops by either complete absorption in their own natural world or through delicate guidance into such self-discovery and personal experience. Careful, respectful mentoring is the foundation of Shamanism 101. If shamanism does not sprout through you, through your own cultural understandings and through your own unique place on the Earth, it is simply a copy of someone else’s shamanism. Perhaps serviceable to a degree, but not ultimately true to you. The only real shamanism is that which is your own.

We welcome you to this site for information about shamanism that reaches widely and believes that shamanism is best when it is alive. We also welcome you to visit Shaman College, where Steve's basic Shamanism for Self-Healing can be found as well as what we think is the best resource for becoming a shamanic practitioner that you can find today. Together, we are here to challenge shamanic misconceptions and provide a starting place for thinking about what shamanism is and how we might learn.

We just want you to find good shamanic training, regardless of whether you eventually choose to study with us. The gathering of information about shamanism here and the growth of our school at Shaman College has been a labor of love.

Thank you for visiting our site and considering becoming a part of the spread of shamanic healing.

The Earth needs us.

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The soul-singer is Shamanka from North Wales. A songwriter and performer, she is soul sounding, a shamanic practice that allows the soul to be heard aloud. She presents it to us with an echo that sings along with her, simply because that is how she heard it when she sang it!

Deeply intimate work, Shamanka refers to this as 'soul language' and recounts a vision she had during her singing: "I saw myself dressed as a healer, in a long robe on a hilltop... I saw myself. Healing. Not just people, but trees, animals, earth, stones etc. It sounds wild I know, but it is exciting me. Internally I felt, and still feel overwhelmed... this connection is so important to me and each time i take a step nearer, my soul literally jumps for joy."