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Learn Shamanism: 
An Overview of Shamanic Healing Training

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Learning Shamanism:
an Overview of Shamanic Healing Training at Shamanism 101

When we are called to learn shamanism, how do we learn shamanic healing? What does it take to become a shaman? As I describe in How to Learn Shamanism, mastering shamanic healing practices demands hard work, a compassionate posture towards the world with a pure intention to connect the healing spirits with a client, a complete lack of self-interest, and a deep desire to serve as a healer who is humble enough to recognize that they are not doing the healing, but rather, that the spirits are deserving the credit and that the practitioner simply assists in their work.

A student of shamanism must be particularly grounded and stable, with a flexible, expansive and keen awareness. Shamans are unusually psychologically healthy individuals: they must be, in order to go through the psycho-spiritual gymnastics that they must face. It is on top of this firm, grounded sense of Self that shamanic practices, ritual, and shamanic healing techniques must finally rest. Then, it is the spirits who decide to work with us or not, and it is they who have the power that allows any practitioner to effectively enable healing or divination, and it is the people - the clients and friends and family of clients - who decide one can be called a shaman.

If the call to study shamanism is reaching you, how then do you start? I recommend The Path, which is a course in not just basic shamanic training, but an intensive course in psychological self-healing through shamanic practices. It is the first of a beginning through advanced series of comprehensive shamanic training courses. I know it is by now a no-brainer, but you can learn shamanic practices directly because technology has allowed for the blending of traditional individualized mentoring with the need for excellence, accessibility, and affordability that is now found online... with a low carbon footprint!

The Path is a benchmark shamanic healing class with comprehensive and clear training materials in shamanic healing techniques, in an unusual course that focuses the entire course on self-healing and growth. If you want strong training in your shamanic journeying and are ready to learn basic divination, receive your power animals, find your spirit teachers and learn how to do power animal retrieval for another, you can begin shamanic studies and learn shamanic healing practices now.

The only thing we advise, is that you are truly ready for some personal growth. You will be challenged.

Setting out to learn shamanism is getting easier. In fact, shamanic classes are increasingly available to locate around the world as many of us are hungry to remember the ancient, Earth-centered wisdom as we find ourselves, our society, and our Earth suffering without it. Shamanism belongs to all of us: it is our shared, Earth-centered spirituality, an ancient path that brings a much-needed healing for our planet and ourselves today.
But then again, we find ourselves having to choose between courses, shamanic 'schools', and instructors. Which one? Which path should we follow? These decisions need to be made carefully. Of course, we pretty much all (by now!) recognize that more than just a weekend of shamanic training is probably sufficient, and it would be great if we could have the instructor's attention focused on us alone. Here is where we have set out to provide what could not have been found in the past. A considerable amount of material can be delivered quickly over the internet and due to the ease with which student progress can be followed online, the need for plane tickets, travel, hotels, and the headaches of organizing all of this plus the cost of the class, is no longer the only , and exceedingly troubled way, to take a shamanic course.

We are starting to recognize that to learn shamanism online has plusses that have come to way outweigh the 'minuses' of the weekend approach. Throughout the many thousands of years of passing shamanic wisdom from teacher to student, when one sought to study shamanism it was always with a carefully monitored education, and a relationship that needed to persist over time, usually with one student, and one teacher. This relationship allowed for the crucial oversight and close observation of the student's growth. Over the past several decades this had been lost.

Right now, you are provided with access to traditional education placed right in your hands. You are not just one face among a sea of students: you now have one-on-one mentoring. Each level of training at Shamanism 101 provides this so that your questions will be answered individually and your learning mentored over time.

There is no question in my mind that a mentored relationship significantly helps the student develop his or her skills and just as significantly, encourage a well-grounded shamanic spirituality. Moreover, we at Shamanism 101 have set both the material and the program at a level that is sufficient to meet not just the requirements of a quality shamanism class, but one that is geared to train you - from ethics to technique - with the unwavering standards of professional practice.

Online training in shamanic studies is by far the most cost-effective way to learn this. The level 1 (The Path) foundation course, as well as the intermediate and advanced shamanism levels that follow, are $290.00 each, with 12 units (classes) that are individually mentored in each level.

Each level lasts 3 months at the very, very least. Usually, students average from four to six months per level. During this time, you will be receiving feedback and direction as you move forward. Also at each level you complete, you will receive a certification stating that you have satisfied all the requirements of training for that level, including some of the important specifics of that level (for example, Level 2 - Some Shoes - includes extraction and level 3 - Walking - includes soul retrieval).

Independent students make the larger portion of those who enroll. However, some registered college students are taking this though their institution. Both independent and college registered students will be provided with a username and password to access the course level for which you enrolled. If your college or university is not carrying this course series, you might recommend it to them. That way you can earn college units as well.

As an independent student, you can begin study at any time. Contact us today, and you will probably be working on your first lesson within a day or two!

The journey into shamanic spirituality and its healing potential begins with The Path. I assure you that that face-to-face classroom teaching is absolutely unnecessary for shamanic training.

However, online training does not mean 'relaxed' training. Shamanic study requires dedicated work and the successful completion of course materials each unit will be a challenge. However, because classes are organized in successive stages that provide certification in increasingly advanced areas, you can choose to expand and deepen your practice to whatever degree you choose at pretty much your own pace.

There is no necessity to train beyond any level, as each is arranged so that it is completely 'stand-alone' regarding the material that it covers. The first level (the Path) for instance, leaves you with the full foundation of a shamanic spiritual practice that you can then maintain throughout your entire life. Here, you will learn important shamanic rituals and practices, and the art of journeying itself as you begin to gather your own spirit helpers. Perhaps even more importantly, The Path propels you along a powerful course of self-discovery and growth, which makes it the course for everyone.

Each level covers different training materials and introduces practices of increasing complexity. Each unit focuses on a different subject, which will include shamanic ritual, practices and step-by-step instruction to learn shamanic techniques. These are presented throughout the curricula in an order that mirrors their increasingly advanced degrees of difficulty. The levels of training transition the student from being technically adept, to integrating a way of walking in the world that is the shaman’s heritage.

In part, because these are certificate courses, they will require time, commitment and involve readings and outside practice that must be written up and returned to your mentor to be checked and studied. This way your mentor can carefully observe and follow your progress. Our role is to provide you with the material and oversight that shamanic training requires, and your role is to learn and practice. With both of these, you will complete each level well trained!

Shamanic training is a life enhancing experience, whether you intend to use shamanic study to serve professionally, or apply it to your own growth and development. It is necessary for a student to be fairly solidly grounded and reasonably self-assured prior to undergoing shamanic training, which was never intended as a replacement psychotherapy. Those who are psychologically vulnerable should definitely consult with their appropriately licensed professional before attempting a psycho-spiritual practice that can be as challenging as shamanism. However, for those who are sufficiently well grounded, the simple fact is that this work cannot help but be personally illuminating, empowering, and healing no matter where we are in our journey to recover our true self.

If you have questions please email our Director at
                   "Dr Serr has made this online experience as close as one 
                  can come to face-to-face learning. I couldn't have taken this 
                      training if it wasn't offered online. This fit my needs and 
                                           surpassed my expectations."

                                                                             Vicki, Washington

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