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Some Shoes: Shamanism for Healing Others
Some Shoes: Level 2 
Healing Others

Level 2 and Level 3 plus additional levels are now combined in our full certification programme:

Level 2 seamlessly follows Level one, and is the continuation of the dedicated student’s growth from one who practices shamanism, to one who becomes a shamanic practitioner. In ‘trying on the shaman’s shoes’, you will begin to accept the challenges of bringing healing and information to those who ask. This is far from being a ‘shaman’, however it is many steps beyond the self-work, journeying and basic shamanic understanding that you gained in Level 1. 

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In Level 2, not only will you be learning a broad range of shamanic practices that that bring information and healing to other people, but you will also face the challenges of classic, ancient and modern initiatory experiences, the intentionally less talked-about initiations that have been known throughout history to bring growth and transformation. In Level 2, the path of personal insight and discovery becomes even more intense.

And the one cannot happen without the other.

To students, the transition from readying oneself to work with others to starting to do that feels seamless. Yet in moving beyond Level 1, one enters an entirely new curriculum. Yes, some things are the same, such as 12 new units of experiential training. As before, these also involve readings, practices and challenging assignments. Having worked through these, the student provides responses, their experiences and probably asks further questions of their mentor. This is a personal dialogue, perhaps unlike any other known, except between shamans and students. Instructors review your replies, and based on their own experiences with the curriculum, offer suggestions, answer questions, and confirm the work you have done while sending you on to the next unit, or, helping you address something further where more growth is possible.

Students can still pace their work to meet their own life’s demands. Depending on individual circumstances, students often take longer to return assignments in Level 2 than they did in Level 1. In part, this is because a significant portion of the work is done with practice clients where the Level 2 student is serving as a ‘practicing practitioner’. Of course, this means coordinating schedules and availability, which can slow things down. However, because the Level 2 assigned initiatory experiences can be quite opening, students naturally may need a little more time to digest what they have learned about themselves and the world after undergoing the experience. Moreover, coursework gets more complex and assignments can be a little lengthier. Moving into training at this level can be demanding. For those who are used to thinking in terms of typical college units, Levels 2 and 3 might be equivalent to about three to four college units apiece.

In Level 2, the sense of ‘trying on the shoes’ of a shaman explores what it means to merge with power. Throughout history, the essential shamanic practice of merging has traditionally been recognized as one of the most useful ways to learn from spirit helpers and integrate the power that is associated with them. Hence, much of this level is devoted to learning a breadth of divination and healing practices that rely on merging. Modalities such as human words, song, and even dance are experienced. By now, you are actually ready for advanced forms of divination and merging, including the initially daunting practice of direct divination! You will experience not only the shaman’s world, but the necessary work that goes into this. You will be mapping your psycho-spiritual realms and beginning to gather a personal book of practices and discoveries that you will be able to refer back to throughout the years ahead. As with all shamans throughout history, you will start creating and gathering important shamanic tools, such as a Siberian Eye Curtain and your Outfit/Medicine Bag, and you will learn to empower these. You will learn to journey simply with the use of a rattle, and learn how to contact the compassionate spirits who want to express themselves through you. Because you are learning to work with others, our students take what is an unusual – in terms of most contemporary shamanic coursework – broad and comprehensive look at the kinds of characteristics that can show up in clients that might alert you to potential complications and client issues, as well as develop strategies to handle these if they happen. People often ask about the shamanic practice of extraction: yes, in Level 2, this sometimes feared, delicate and significant practice is taught, as well as the safe handling of spiritually toxic material. We can teach these things at this point in your development because by now, you have learned to journey and practice safely, you have the necessary spirit help, and you are sufficiently empowered to do the work.

So what about personal growth? Training at this second level includes very ancient, important and traditionally tested shamanic initiations necessary for the maturing of a practitioner. Time-honored and intentionally shrouded from view, these are experiences that are rarely, if ever spoken of openly. An initiatory experience is a sacred time when a practitioner’s relationship with the spirit world is deepened and where self-understanding grows. Here is where a practitioner is more fully opened to the worlds both seen and unseen. Initiations solidify the deeper understanding and provide a insight that is difficult to otherwise achieve.  

Stepping into the service of others requires an even deeper commitment and persistence than you experienced in Level 1. Practice clients actually become not only a necessary step as you become familiar and confident with your role of bringing shamanic healing to others, but a catalyst to push yourself into even greater understanding of yourself. What happens during the initiatory experiences you will meet in Level 2 is really up to you, since you are the one who is opening yourself up to the experience. However, be prepared for something powerful. This is what one student experienced:

“Just so you know this changed my life. I took a long time on this lesson because it took me this long to get a handle on what I was learning and assimilating it into my life... I feel this last lesson was... one of the more meaningful events in my life for growth and transformation... I came to grips with something that was paramount in limiting me. It took me almost 3 weeks to make sense of it all and now another week of applying it and feel the empowerment. It is liberating and frightening at the same time—like shedding a skin and becoming something new... I am not sure I am through the rocks yet, but I am following… through the mist and feel confident and secure that I will succeed.”

We don’t know how this training will affect you in particular, but we do know that throughout the course – in one unit or another, one level or another, or in one way or another – the students who go through this training invariably respond similarly. We offer potent, ethical and grounded shamanic practices within a solid curriculum and you are followed closely by your personal mentor. We will bring you the essence of a shaman's awareness and potential, on which you can proceed to build your own ongoing practice over a lifetime. This is solid and powerful training. You will walk away assured of a detailed, comprehensive and experiential education.

As it was with Level 1, successful completion of Shamanic Healing Level 2 provides Level 2 certification. By now, you will have developed significant practitioner ability, a practiced familiarity with non-ordinary spiritual geography, and a strong and lively rapport with the helping spirits. With Level 2, shamanic practice becomes part of your life.  

Certification: Upon completion of Level 2, a Level 2 certificate will be E-mailed to you.

Withdrawal: Students have every right to withdraw from the course for any reason, with no questions asked, prior to sending in the third unit of their current level, and will receive a 50% refund. However, after submitting unit 3, no refunds will be available. Training 

Breaks: Yet, we understand that ‘life happens’, and if it becomes necessary for any reason, you can temporarily curtail your Shamanism 101 studies. In fact, you are free to take up to six months before resuming with your Shamanism 101 teacher. To do this, you must let your teacher know within one month of sending in your previous coursework that you need such a temporary hiatus. In any event, if your teacher has not heard from you for more than six months, you have dropped the course. In all cases, you are welcome to reapply and start your studies from the beginning of the level you were working on, at the regular tuition rate at the date of application.

“I never thought that taking this course would develop me as a person as much as it has.

All my life I have loved the animals and the earth, nature. I always felt drawn to the indigenous people and the way they live so closely with nature and the elements. I feel I was born in the wrong time or maybe reborn in this time but living as they did in a previous life.

This course has brought me home, I feel the connection, it has rekindled in me something that has always been there. I never thought I would look forward to getting my homework assignment but I do, every assignment a new challenge and awaking in me.

I look forward to the next level of training to see where it might lead me.” 

                                                 Unnamed Student