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Enrollment and Tuition

Enrollment and Tuition

You are currently at Shamanism 101's somewhat-gigantic but hopefully useful site for general information about our courses and about shamanism where we chatter on (and on!) about all things shamanic. We try to keep this site separate from the school's business and registration office, however we have included information about our school's courses at this site here as well.

Enrollment and Registration at Shamanism 101 is a two-step process. To find out more about the school, follow the link below and learn about the classes, and it is there that you will be able to actually sign up to study.

One of the steps: If you are registering for a course you need to take care of tuition by going to our Enrollment and Tuition 'Office' (site) where all of this is handled securely. All courses are $290.USD which includes your private mentorship.

(The other step is to send in your student registration data form which can be found (link follows) here at this site, as well as at the enrollment and Tuition 'office' site. For more information about the courses that are offered follow the link below to

Either type into your browser the address of the Enrollment and Tuition Office site or follow this link to our secure site:

We look forward to meeting you!

Remember: the other step is sending in your Student Registration Data Form. This consists of basic information about yourself as a student and consists of data we must have in order to enroll you in your selected course. Enrollment is not complete until both the student registration data form is copied, filled in and sent to the registrar, as well as receiving your registration and tuition through our registration/tuition site.

If we have not contacted you, it is because we have not received one or both of these. When registration does receive both of these, they will contact you and set you up with your teacher!