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Meet Heidi Kumli

Heidi Kummli, CSP, Artist

Heidi was born in 1960 in Southern California; by age 8 her family moved to Boulder Colorado and built a house on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Heidi remembers growing up among the pine trees, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife. Her parents didn’t raise her with religion, but rather a spiritual connection to the Earth. She was allowed to follow her passion as an artist, always encouraged, never judged.

Heidi started playing with beads, and like her Chippewa great grandmotherwho also did beadwork, she listened to her heart and the beadwork just seemed to flow, making a spiritual connection with the universe. The beadwork Heidi creates is a reflection of her surroundings; by incorporating animals and natural stones in her work she feels she brings healing into the world. Heidi creates her beadwork in her home; She currently lives on 12 acres in the Indian Peaks Wilderness of Colorado at 9000 ft. elevation, with her husband Gregg, two dogs and a cat. They built their off-the-grid home 20 years ago using the sun and a back up generator for their power. Heidi has spent the last 40 years in quietude and solitude learning from that place deep within. Living among the forests and mountains allows her more time to be in nature honoring Mother Earth. 

When Heidi was 47 she was gifted with breast cancer, a spiritual turning point for her. The chemo treatments turned her inwards like being in a cocoon waiting to become the butterfly. She filled her days listening to Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Angeles Arrien and Nothingness. Heidi started to realize that life is short, that every moment we have is sacred, and we need to be conscious of it all. 

Heidi feels fortunate to have found Shamanism 101 and has studied with Steve Serr since 2012. She feels this was like a coming home, and from the very first unit on cleansing it felt familiar to her. Shamanism brought all of her life’s beliefs and knowing into one.

Heidi has been teaching beadwork for over 15 years now and when given the opportunity to mentor at Shamanism 101, it seemed a perfect fit. The two work harmoniously together, Art and Shamanism.

“I feel the Earth and people need this ancient spiritual practice of Shamanism. One of the things so beautiful about it is that once you learn the core you can make it your own. You can form it to work with your life. Having the ability to connect with your spirit guides and teachers is priceless. I now have the knowledge to make my own rituals and bring healing into every piece of art I make. Bringing this into the world is such a wonderful and fulfilling honor”.

Heidi has written two books: “The Art of Bead Embroidery” published in 2007 and “The Spirit of Bead Embroidery“ published in 2012. This later book is from her heart, teaching the meanings behind animals, healing stones, colors, and the Four Elements along with bead embroidery techniques.

Heidi has won over 31 awards in her 37-year career as a Bead artist. She teaches all over the United States and gives private workshops on bead embroidery and Shamanism, in her mountain studio, throughout the year. She has no formal education, other than trial and error, and lots and lots of hard work. She is self-taught in most things. 


CSP (Certified Shamanic Practitioner)
Shamanism101 Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4
Saul Bell Design Award 2003
You Tube Video,
Master Teacher: The Colorado Bead Retreat 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
Bead Embroidery Teacher and Artist