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Meet Debbie Miller

Debbie lives in the beautiful area of the Thousand Islands in Upstate New York. The opportunities to explore, enjoy and be with nature are plentiful. Debbie grew up on the St. Lawrence River. Her father had a passion for the earth and all that is natural, and it was he who instilled that same passion in Debbie. Some of her fondest memories are those spent with her father in the woods, on a trail or in a boat on the river. Debbie’s mother was a plant whisperer in her own right. She treated her plants like her children giving them tender loving care. Debbie was inspired and awed by her mother’s ability to communicate with the plants and provide them with just what they needed. Debbie soon learned that the plants gave back in so many ways. You will often find Debbie sitting with the trees and the flowers listening and learning.

Debbie has known since she was a child that her purpose in life is to help others find the healing way. It wasn’t until she had her first session with a Shamanic Practitioner that she realized Shamanism was the path in which she would carry out her purpose. She completed an intensive shamanic apprenticeship, and she knew she found her "home" and a wholeness she had never known before. It was then she stopped searching to fill that void she was so familiar with. As a way to honor this gift, Debbie wants to pay it forward by helping others find their sacred wholeness.

Debbie says, 

"My own journey helped me to embrace this beautiful gift we all have access to. We have forgotten the ancestral wisdom that resides in each of us, and it is through this work that we begin to remember and become whole again. I have made it my life’s purpose to help people reclaim this ancient wisdom and restore themselves and the earth to wholeness. I hold ethics; protocol; honest intention for the highest good, and sincere communication with the compassionate spirits at the highest of standards. My goal is to teach these skills to a much broader range of people in the hopes of carrying on the healing ways of Shamanism.

It is my intention to inspire students to learn as much about themselves so they can 'Be the Change'. The change will reconnect them to their ancestral heritage of spiritual wisdom. Once students are knowledgeable about themselves, they can move forward to pass the traditions on to others.

I have a laid back, light and humorous spirit, and yet very deep at the same time. One of favorite Shamanic tools is looking to the cloud spirits for answers to questions. Cloud divination can be a very fun tool to add to your Shamanic Medicine Bag.

I am excited about being a teacher with Shamanism 101. The journey through this program has had a profound impact on my life and my purpose. I am now sharing my medicine through the vehicle of my healing center, Earth Rhythm Wellness – Shamanism 101 helped me to make my dream of owning and operating a healing center into a reality! I am so thankful for the compassion and dedication that Steve Serr & all the staff at Shamanism 101 has for passing the healing ways on to us!"

What Teaching Shamanism Means to Me: 

"Teaching is opening up to become the hollow bone so the student can connect with their own wisdom, authenticity, compassion and authority.  Teaching Shamanism is not at all about providing answers, but rather it is about helping one to discover their own answers.  Teaching is not about being the authority, but rather it is about helping the student to find their own authority.  True teaching is guiding others to connect with their own guides in such a way that it empowers them and restores them to wholeness.  Teaching shamanism is about stepping aside inorder to let the student step forward to tap into their own force, their own power, and their own healing to restore the fabric of their soul.  Teaching Shamanism is about enhancing one's own capabilities to expand their states of awareness and consciousness to establish and build meaningful relationships with their spirit helpers.  I firmly believe that I am not the teacher of Shamanism, but rather I am the Hollow Bone that connects others to the Spirit Guides that do the healing and the teaching.  I am merely the conduit that connects the student with the teacher.”

In addition to teaching at Shamanism 101, Debbie works full time in the field of addictions. She also helps people to restore their power and regain their authentic spirit through her private practice - Earth Rhythm Wellness where she provides Shamanic Healing, Reiki, workshops and Holistic Wellness Coaching. 

Degrees, Certifications, and Experiences

CST - Certified Shamanic Teacher
CSP – Certified Shamanic Practitioner
Reiki Master
B.A. - Psychology
A.A.S - Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Studies
A.S. - Medical Secretarial
Certified Holistic Health Couch – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Board Certified with American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified Food Psychology Coach
Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialist
6 week Intensive Shamanic Apprenticeship
Certified Youth Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Mediumship training
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
Residential Mental Health Counseling
Author of: Recipes for Success: Eating and Moving Your Way Towards a Tobacco-Free Life