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Meet Catherine Center

Hello! My name is Catherine Center, and I am an instructor for Shamanism 101. 

In my experience so far, shamanism has been about becoming whole.  It is very much a work in progress and probably always will be.  In addition to learning shamanic techniques to help others, this course has been about reawakening and welcoming in those missing parts of self, as presented through compassionate spirit helpers.  This is how the growing sense of wholeness has been, and continues to be, returned. 

Shamanism also feels like what it means to come home, to the warmth of a fire in the hearth.  If you can imagine coming in cold, wet and hungry to a warm and comforting environment, finding abundant, nourishing food on the table – that is what it has been like for me. 

These feelings may not be what you experience if you land on the shores shamanism, but the opportunity is there to explore new and undeveloped territory within yourself, finding abilities you didn’t know existed, or refining those that do.

It becomes about sounding your note, the note that you are, and making it as pure as possible. 

I was born in a small town on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, in 1957. My parents divorced and with my mother and one of my brothers, we moved to a communal farm at about the age of 4. 
My earliest memory is of being in the woods, standing amongst the trees and tall grasses, aware of the sunshine and feeling in love and of being united with of nature.  Earth was at my feet and Sky was above; I felt complete. 

During my early childhood I go as often as possible to the barns to be in the comfort of the animals.  The woods also called to me and the rustle of the poplar trees was a very special thing, and remains so to this day.  In nature I had a deep sense of belonging, of being part of something whole, peaceful. The deep sense of connectedness got lost as I grew into my teenage years, when I tried to act ‘normal’ and so pushed the sense of awareness.  Yet there remained an unconscious yearning to remember Earth and nature. 

I worked for several years as a nurse and then returned to university for a master’s degree in counselling psychology.  Several traditional and non-traditional methods of healing were explored, certificates were obtained, and books were read in seeking ways to rekindle that sense of unity. 

I married and had a child, and it was when I was outdoors camping with my family that conscious memories of a connection to the earth and stars began to surface, and during my explorations of shamanism the memories began to become reality.

Learning to be the bridge to the non-ordinary world and bring the knowledge, understanding and healing to the physical world has been, and continues to be, profound.  Expanding the ability to be the bridge between the worlds never seems to end; it keeps growing the more it is practised. 

If you are considering this course, be prepared for personal growth as well as learning the fundamentals of core shamanic practice!  All of our instructors have been through the entire course at least twice, and understand the process of learning the art and science of shamanism. 

Whether you take the course with us, someone else, or decide on something else entirely, I wish you much love and joy on your continuing journey through life! 

Blessings  


Degrees, Certifications and Experiences 

Certified Shamanic Practitioner (CSP), graduate of Shamanism 101
Reiki (Level ll) Certification
Mindfulness and Trauma Training
Master’s in Counselling Psychology
Art Therapy Training
Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner
Chinese Medicine Level 1
Healing Touch Level ll
Reflexology Certification – Ingham Method
Therapeutic Touch Level lll Certification