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Encourage a Sacred Earth

To Encourage a Sacred Earth...
You Can be a Part of Our Shared Mission.

Shamanism 101, LLC:

teaching and guiding humanity in the ancient art of shamanism,
safely and with tried and true protocols,
with the aim of reconnecting with our innate wholeness
while recapturing a sacred relationship with the Earth.
Ancient healing wisdom for modern times. 

Shamanism 101, LLC is a global educational institution
that provides personal guidance in ancient
and contemporary shamanic wisdom.
It is the mission of the school to provide as widely
and as fairly as possible the best practices
through which each student can experience this wisdom,
and be guided back to wholeness and to the recovery
of our sacred relationship with the Earth.

Thank you for looking at helping this program.

Shamanism 101's mission is to encourage the recovery of a sacred Earth. This is a shared mission, as we are not alone in this but rather, a part of a global uprising of aware and concerned people. Our effort to help with this has been to re-spread shamanic spirituality as widely as possible: through articles, this site, and global teaching.

The consequence is that we have been reaching and finding students who want to learn all around our planet: from New Zealand to South Africa, and from California to the UK. If it truly is not difficult for you to do so, you can honestly help facilitate and spread the recovery of our ancient spiritual wisdom and practices.

We have been doing this for years, and will be continuing to do the work.

There is so much we can do. It actually gives us a kind of pride to declare that we have never made a profit at this work and have been donating our own energy and money for it to have continued as well as it has. It would be good to at least 'break even' financially. It would be wonderful to be compensated for our vision beyond knowing that we are doing a good thing.

It would be even more wonderful to expand our work and fill the world with so much more of this! There is so much vision here, so much power, with brilliant students and teachers giving themselves fully.

Shamanism 101 is doing everything it can to facilitate this spread of Earth-centered sensibility. You can help our connection with our sacred Earth grow and help the world recover what it has largely forgotten.

We are only doing our part in helping to return our planet to an awareness that our Earth is sacred. We are aware of this miracle as we are in deep gratitude for our lives so intimately woven into the Earth's fabric.

Let's not let the world lose this. Thank you for your thought and your understanding.

Interested in donating? Simply contact:

where Shamanism 101's Director, Kimba will be happy to help you learn about our school as well as put you in contact directly with Dr. Steve Serr, so that you can discuss facilitating the future.

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