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Shamanism 101 Course and Instructor Feedback   (A Path, Some Shoes, or Walking)

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Your mentor and all of us at Shamanism 101 truly welcome your comments about the time you have spent training with us as it helps us as we continue to perfect the program. Again, as we said above, this form is being worked on and for now, you must first 1) copy this form, then 2) paste it onto your email, then 3) fill it out once it is on your email, and then 4) send to: 

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We truly appreciate you and all the hard work you have done in this course and look forward to working with you if you decide to continue to the next level course. On receiving a course ‘pass’ and our receipt of your feedback, we will email your course certificate to the email address you provide below, and double check this to be sure it is written correctly.

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Congratulations! You did it! Well done. We hope to see you in the next level of training. If you are ready to do this, let your mentor know, and go through the same process as you did to enroll in the course you just completed. Yes, sending in a fresh student data form is necessary, as this helps the registrar put you through to the correct mentor, and importantly, it keeps our contact data for you current as well.